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With the CE Tool, CE marking becomes easier. Without knowledge, you determine which legislation applies to your product. Then you can get started.

The system also automatically generates a nameplate, a declaration of conformity and you can perform the risk analysis online, generating a report automatically.

When you are ready you can optionally zip and download your CE file on your PC. The use of the CE Tool is free.


For someone who rarely has to deal with it, CE marking is a complex matter. For specialists however, this is not the case and they easily find their way through directives and standards. For those who are relatively unfamiliar with CE marking, we developed an online Tool. Easily create CE files for your products now!

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Directive Selection Tool

For those who do not want to create an account on our CE Tool we created a simple selection application. This allows you to determine the correct CE directives for your products without having to log in. Any exclusions from directives can also be determined here.

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Business Directory

New at Euronorm Tools! Easily find companies and services that have common ground with CE marking.

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The directory is twofold: On the one hand, companies reach a pure audience looking for solutions with common ground in the CE area. On the other hand, manufacturers can easily find companies or services to prepare their products for sale under CE.

The directory for companies and services is set up internationally and will be selectable by country in the future.