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Thanks to our many years of practical experience in CE marking of a diversity of products, this is also the approach of our courses. No lengthy stories about standards and directives but to the point and above all practical.

In addition, you will receive a ‘toolbox’with files that make it easy for you to bring a product under CE.


Our consultancy work is straightforward. We will first determine under what legislation your product falls, without looking for standards. Directives are mandatory and standards are not, so first clarify the legal framework.

For many companies that is a revelation because most consultants talk about standards and we do not. Because your product is tested by the government on the EU directives and not on standards.


From our many years of experience we can set up and execute a project fairly quickly, which often results in a report containing the problems, legal requirements and what needs to be done to meet those requirements. For example with photos and pieces of text that you have to include in your user manual or to place on your product, etc.

Offline CE files -> online store

If you prefer not to have your CE file online, we also have editable CE files that you can download and use entirely offline.